Ischemic Heart


Bennett bell ultrasound incorporate into your critical care assessment

Ultrasound: Incorporate Into Your Critical Care Assessment

Length: 00:17:48

Resized rihal genotype directed antiplatelet therapy

Genotype Directed Antiplatelet Therapy, Is the Time Right?

Length: 00:47:22

Jaffe bell high sensitivity troponin

High Sensitivity Troponin

Length: 00:16:25

Abou ezzeddine friedman pyp imaging in conjunction with cardiac amyloid clinic 5.4x3

PYP Imaging in Conjunction with Cardiac Amyloid Clinic

Length: 00:13:41

Abou ezzeddine friedman pet imaging for cardiac sarcoidosis

PET Imaging for Cardiac Sarcoidosis in Conjunction with Cardiac Sarcoid Clinic

Length: 00:16:33

Jentzer bell prevention of cicu complications

Prevention of CICU Complications

Length: 00:18:24

Bennett bell covid 19 in the cicu

COVID-19 in the CICU

Length: 00:15:04

Geske mechanical complications

Mechanical Complications in Patients with AMI

Length: 01:01:11

Covid 19 in cardio oncology herrmann

COVID-19 in Cardio-Oncology

Length: 00:12:22

Cardiovascular toxicity and immune checkpoint herrmann

Cardiovascular Toxicity and Immune Checkpoint

Length: 00:17:13

Abou ezzeddine

Cardiorenal Syndrome

Length: 00:18:46

C noel bairey merz title slide

Women and Ischemic Heart Disease: Update 2021

Length: 00:59:58

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