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Livestream-Internal Medicine Review for Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants & Primary Care Physicians

September 16-17, 2021

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Course Directors
Jennifer A. Bold, APRN, CNP, DNP
David A. Foley, MD
Danika M. Nelson, APRN, CNP
Jason S. O'Grady, MD

Mayo Clinic Faculty
Christopher J. Arendt, PharmD, RPh
Christopher L. Boswell, MD
Dawn Marie R. Davis, MD
Brian M. Dougan, MD
Joy A. Fladager Muth, APRN, CNP
Jeffrey B. Geske, MD
Benjamin D. Holmes, DC, PhD
Benjamin Lai, MB, BCh, BAO
Robert M. Jacobson, MD
Edward R. Laskowski, MD
Kathy L. MacLaughin, MD
Lori J. McGowan, PA-C
Paul M. McKie, MD
Elizabeth D. Nelson, APRN, CNP
Darrell B. Newman, MD
Nathaniel T. Nielsen, DO
Andrea R. Pauly, APRN, CNP
Cara C. Prideaux, MD
Daniel E. Sanchez Pellecer, MD
Jacob L. Sellon. MD
Marysia S. Tweet, MD
Elizabeth Westby, MD

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