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Webinar: Heart Rhythm Challenging Case Discussion with Mayo Clinic Experts

January 6 - June 23, 2021

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Case Presentation

Submission of Questions or Case for Discussion

Individuals are invited to submit questions or challenging cases seen in daily practice.  

Steps to Submit Questions or Case for Discussion

  1. Email Mayo Clinic organizers question or case for discussion
  2. Submit patient history, ECG strips, and images.  Submission should be received 7 days prior to webinar.   Case presentation should follow HIPPA requirements and de-identification of protected health
  3. Register for participation in webinar session (link)

*Any and all patient information used in the presentation should follow HIPAA requirements.  Information such as patient names, patient ID numbers, state, date, photographs that show individual faces, or other identifying information including tattoos or birthmarks, must have these removed or blocked out.

Confirmation of Case Presentation

  1. Mayo Clinic staff will confirm the request to submit a question/case by email.  
  2. Submissions will be reviewed and assigned a date for discussion.  The date of presentation may be dependent on the time available during a given webinar.

These sessions are for informational purposes only and is meant to promote the general understanding and dialog of cardiovascular topics by healthcare professionals. Such information is not meant or intended to serve as a substitute for a healthcare professional's clinical training, experience, or judgment. Mayo makes every effort to provide information that is accurate and timely, but makes no guarantee in this regard. Discussions are non-binding; and a summary of the discussion is not provided in writing nor is it documented in Mayo’s instance of the Epic EMR. All cases are de-identified and free of PHI during discussions.

Utilization of this Mayo Clinic online webinar does not indicate or guarantee competence or proficiency in the skills, knowledge or performance of any care or procedure(s) which may be discussed.

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