Comprehensive Intra-Operative Echocardiography in the Adult: Anatomy, Mechanisms, and Communication

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  • Describe the importance of pre-surgical transthoracic echocardiography
  • Identify critical information to be obtained during the  general pre-bypass and post-bypass IOTEE examination
  • Describe surgical mechanisms of aortic and mitral regurgitation
  • Identify basics of surgical mitral and aortic valve repair techniques and the role of IOTEE in their planning and evaluation
  • Integrate 3D IOTEE into clinical practice
  • Identify basics of surgical treatment modalities for ascending aorta and root repair and the role of IOTEE in their planning and evaluation
  • Describe a comprehensive IOTEE assessment of the mitral valve
  • Identify normal and abnormal prosthesis function by IOTEE
  • Describe surgical techniques and IOTEE planning and evaluation of septal myectomy
  • Integrate an anatomic map of perivalvular leak location communication with the surgeon
  • Recognize the importance of physiologic hemodynamics when evaluating valvular surgery post-bypass
  • Describe basic IOTEE imaging considerations in LVAD surgery
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Price: $40-$50

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