Cardiac Rehabilitation: Program Design

Cardiac Rehabilitation: Program Design

Cardiac Rehabilitation: Program Design

September 11, 2017-September 11, 2019; Length: 24:28


This module will provide a look into the structure behind the processes of referral to cardiac rehabilitation programs as well as enrollment into these programs. Participating in a cardiac rehabilitation program following a cardiac event has been well established as a necessary part of the plan of care for patients with known cardiovascular disease. Referral and enrollment efforts have been identified as a critical piece in securing satisfactory participation rates which in turn impacts desired outcomes. The overall goal of this presentation is to provide the learner with basic elements of information that can be used to build on existing practices.


  • Describe the basic design structure of a cardiac rehabilitation referral and enrollment process
  • List the five elements of documentation that support completion of a cardiac rehabilitation referral
  • Distinguish any differences between referring inpatients versus outpatients


Karen A. Salz, BSN, RN, NE-BC
RN Manager
Preventive Cardiology, Ischemic Heart Disease, and Comprehensive Cardiology Clinics
Department of Cardiovascular Medicine
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN


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