BUNDLE: Palliative Care In Circulatory Failure: Sessions 1-8

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Price: $150-$175


View over six hours of video content on palliative care in Circulatory Failure. 

Session 1: Principles of Palliative Care in Advanced Cardiovascular Disease (42:13)
Session 2: Basics of Advance Care Planning in Heart Failure (1:05:20)
Session 3: Responding to Emotion (27:49)
Session 4: Starting the Palliative Care Conversation (45:04)
Session 5: Defining and Setting Clear Expectations (47:00)
Session 6: Heart Failure Symptom Management (45:29)
Session 7: LVAD and ICD End-of-Life Care (1:00:27)
Session 8: Transitions of Care - Avoiding Rehospitalization (45:05)

NO CREDIT OFFERED. Available on DVD/Streaming Video or Streaming Video only.

Price: $150-$175

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