Remote Monitoring for Heart Failure Management

Remote Monitoring for Heart Failure Management

Remote Monitoring for Heart Failure Management

Course Director(s): Margaret Redfield, M.D.

Released On: November 20, 2015 - Length: 51:07

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Heart failure is a chronic condition, placing individuals with heart failure at risk for episodic decompensation which frequently leads to hospitalization. Disease management programs for heart failure, educate patients to monitor symptoms and daily weights, and report changes so that an outpatient evaluation and management visit may avert hospitalization. Despite these efforts, the rate of HF hospitalizations remains high. A number of different remote monitoring strategies have been developed to provide closer monitoring of heart failure patients with the hope of reducing hospitalizations. This presentation will provide the learner with a concise overview of remote monitoring strategies and practical information about the implementation of a remote monitoring program.


  • Define the remote monitoring systems which are currently available for HF management
  • Recognize the impact of these systems on HF outcomes in randomized clinical trials to date
  • Review the steps required to establish a pulmonary artery pressure remote HF monitoring system in your practice


Margaret Redfield, M.D., FACC
Professor of Medicine
Walter and Leonore Annenberg Professor of Cardiology and Critical Care
Chair, Section of Circulatory Failure
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN


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