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Heart to Heart: Advances in Cardiovascular Critical Care and Resuscitation

Cardiovascular Critical Care and Resuscitation

Scottsdale, AZ
Date: 4/13/2023 - 4/15/2023

In-Person or Livestream

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Thumbnail howick saric

Cardiac Sequelae of Long-haul COVID

Length: 00:00:00

Thumbnail gersh

Long-term Cardiovascular Complications of COVID: Seeing the Forest for the Trees

Length: 00:44:51

Gersh long term cv complications of covid

Long-Term Cardiovascular Complications of COVID: Seeing the Forest for the Trees

Length: 00:59:19

Bennett bell covid 19 in the cicu

COVID-19 in the CICU

Length: 00:15:04

Poland virk

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Immunocompromised Persons: What Have We Learned?

Length: 00:48:24

Covid 19 in cardio oncology herrmann

COVID-19 in Cardio-Oncology

Length: 00:12:22

Cardiac involvement in covid 19 pellikka

Cardiac Involvement in COVID-19

Length: 00:10:04


COVID Vaccines Update: February 2021

Length: 00:48:21

Cvgr 2.8.21 aiautomatedidentification friedman.attia.kapa

AI for Automated Identification of COVID Infection from the 12-Lead ECG

Length: 00:43:46

Herrmann covid 19

COVID-19 and Cardiology (Cardio-Oncology)

Length: 00:16:09


COVID and Clotting

Length: 00:49:11

Young niaz

Echocardiology in Adult Patients with COVID-19

Length: 00:55:37

Joyner wright

COVID-19: The US Convalescent Plasma Story

Length: 00:52:25


Health Disparities & RACISM; now fully exposed by COVID-19

Length: 00:52:12

Ackerman cooper sandhu

Recognition and Management of Cardiac Complications Associated with COVID-19 Infections and Treatment

Length: 00:58:11

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